Yard Signs

Outdoor signs that fit almost every application.

Yard signs have been the staple of political campaign strategy for decades. Although technology has outpaced our wildest expectations for advertising, bandit, political, and commercial yard signs are still used as part of a multi-pronged approach to marketing, alongside digital and traditional media outlets.

Part of their staying power has to do with versatility, ease of use, portability, and affordable pricing (as the number of signs purchased increases, as does our bulk discount). Made of weather-resistant Coroplast, these roadside signs fair well in adverse weather conditions without sacrificing the lightweight advantage of traditional plastic signage.

What are the common uses for yard signs?

  • Political campaigns: You’ve seen them before: it’s getting close to November and every lawn in your neighborhood is sporting a sign with a candidate’s slogan adorned across the front. There’s a reason why political campaign signs are still used today.

Political bandit signs have the power to swing the vote a few percentage points, according to Politico, which may not seem like much, until you consider that those points could refer to several thousand people.

Yard signs also improve name recognition for lesser-known, local candidates, who may not have the luxury of purchasing television advertisements. Studies show that people tend to trust people or organizations that they have been exposed to before. And there’s no better time to acclimate people to your political candidate than on their routine commute to and from an office or workplace.

  • Real Estate Marketing: Real estate agents use yard signs for several reasons, but the most obvious one? Yard signs naturally get placed in front of homes, which potential homebuyers or renters often pass by in their search.

There’s no better time to plug your agency or personal contact information than when a consumer is in the process of an active search. Real estate signs capture leads at that exact moment, enticing clients to start up a conversation, right in front of the property.

  • Advertising for Commercial Services: Local companies that offer easy-to-understand services for consumers may benefit from yard signage. Often, something as simple as a call to action and a phone number can generate plenty of walk-ins and consultations.

The limited space of bandit signs, as well as the short period of time that motorists have to read them, don’t allow for extended copy. So, if your business offers something like HVAC services or home restoration, you should have no problem communicated your value to customers in under three seconds. But if you have an innovative product, or offer more technical, white-collar B2B services, 3D signs and dimensional letters might be a better investment instead.

  • Work Site Claims: Want to lay stake to the work you just did? Yard signs are a great way to broadcast the results you’re capable of.

Whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, or graphic designer, highlighting client solutions can be more than just bragging. Soon, every family on your customer’s street will be lining up for your services!

  • Festivals: Placing lawn signs on street corners and near park is a surefire way to build anticipation for a yearly event or celebration. Now that almost everyone owns a smartphone, recording information such as the date, location, and time has never been easier. With all luck, someone will snap a picture of your sign, and save the date instantly.
  • Grand Openings: Yes, outdoor banners are probably the best solution for drawing attention to your newly opened business. But why not broaden your impact and spread the word throughout town?

Since nobody knows your location quite yet, placing a yard sign by a potential competitor will alert potential customers to alternatives nearby.

  • Sales: People love discounts, coupons, and promotional events. Customers believe they have come out ahead financially, while attaining an item or service others were unable to get. So, why not make your sales known to more than regular customers by placing a lawn sign outside your business?

At Image360, we’ll print signs with custom graphics with lightning fast turnaround, so you can put on flash sales events whenever you’d like.

Make sure the placement of your sale sign gives motorists ample time to slow down and pull into your lot or driveway. Roadside signs with three-inch letter height are readable up to a hundred feet away.

  • Athletic Leagues: Organizing a team can be a huge hassle. Sure, there’s Craigslist, but the website seems to attract a motley crew of weirdos, flakes, and people who are plain uninterested. Reaching out for attendees and members with yard signs signifies a level of professionalism, while still reaching large swaths of drivers.
  • Charity events: Many charity events are thrown to raise awareness for lesser known causes and diseases. So, by definition, people aren’t likely to know much about your marathon run for cancer, or your biking festival for ALS.

Inspire repeat participants and attract newcomers with a few lawn signs at key intersections. They’re also a brilliant way to brand your organization while doing so.

  • Directional and Wayfinding Signage: Have a tough-to-find location in a crowded mall or business park? Custom yard signs will help motorists navigate through crowded areas, right to your door.