Full Color

Full Color Printing, also known as DTG printing is a relatively new alternative to screen printing. A DTG printer is very similar to a large ink jet printer, only it prints directly on top of clothing using special ink designed for textiles. It’s ideal for T-shirt designs that demand full-color, shadows or gradients, which include photographs and high-resolution images or logos containing a variety of different colors. DTG printing is optimal for small orders, where screens would not be cost

effective, and resizes, where the standard size of an image needs to be reduced down to fit on youth sizes or onesies. Sash Graphics is actually one of the few custom T-shirt shops in the Metro Detroit area with a DTG printer that has white ink capabilities. If you are looking for a lot of colors on not a lot of shirts, DTG is the answer.

  • Direct-to-Garment printers can produce over 16 million colors, or spot colors.
  • We can print images as large as 14″ x 18″.
  • We can print any resolution. However, anything less than 300 dpi may look pixelated. The printer supports as high as 600 dpi.
  • The printer can produce photo-quality images, so gradients and shadows are not an issue.
  • Practically any color fabric will work. We can print white on dark garments without issue.
  • We can print on almost any fabric. However, for best results we recommend 100% cotton, ring-spun or hi-definition garments. Cotton garments produce the best results.
  • Garments printed using this technology have excellent wash-ability. The ink penetrates into the fabric, unlike silkscreen and heat transfers which stay on the surface. To be safe, you may want to wash the garments inside-out with cold water.